Coca-Cola Looking to Bring Coffee-Infused Drink to the US


Internationally, the company is already selling Coca-Cola Plus Coffee in place like Australia and Spain. With sales going strong, Coca-Cola says it may soon bring it to the United States. The reason it hasn't yet is that a Coke with coffee drink failed to gain traction back in 2006.

The beverage, Coca-Cola Blak, was taken off the market just two years after its debut. That was a trend before its time. I don't think people were ready to have a coffee portfolio within the Coca-Cola brand. In the past decade, coffee has become more a popular drink in America.

Its global chief marketing officer of sparkling beverages adds that customers are more used to it being blended with other things. Coffee is very trendy right now. In 2006, it was not as big. Meza adds that he doesn't expect Coca-Cola Plus Coffee to ever overtake regular coke. But he believes a sizable amount of consumers in the U.S. will want to try the product.